Macaroni and Cheese

I made this for dinner tonight, and it was so delicious! So simple that I’m embarrassed I never thought of it before! Chris and I both think it’s our new favorite mac and cheese. It would be great with asparagus… not sure what entree would be good with it, but it’s great all by itself!

Measurements are all approximate
6 dry oz macaroni
1 yellow onion
3 cloves garlic
2 cups shredded cheese (I used cheddar and jack)
3 Tbs butter
2 Tbs Olive Oil

-In a medium saucepan, boil water and cook the macaroni (I don’t think I need to go into further detail there). Don’t forget to salt the water!
-Meanwhile, chop onion and garlic. Saute in olive oil with a little salt until slightly browned.
-Drain macaroni and put into serving bowl, stir in butter, then onion and garlic, followed by cheese. Be sure to mix it up well!
-Enjoy! And let the compliments roll in!


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Life Rhythm

So we got Personal Trainer Walking for the DS. It comes with two pedometers. Chris and I are kind of in competition. I had 6,000 steps today and he had 9,000… so he definitely won. But tomorrow I’m winning for sure. One aspect of the game is that it shows you what times of day you’re most active, and they want you to sleep at night and be active during the day. Well, it’s 1:28 AM right now and I’m wide awake. Because I stayed in bed till noon because I didn’t feel well. I have a problem with my throat, I lost my voice. It comes and goes now, but this morning I couldn’t talk at all. Anyway, I should be in bed now so that I can win the game… and wake up in the morning. Le sigh.

So Dash has had this goopy eye since he was about two weeks old. Well we went to the doctor today. Actually, Chris called the doctor this morning and said “We want to see Dr. Corchoran, not Dr. Limmer” and they said Ok, and then we get there and see Dr. Limmer! Bah! I very strongly dislike that woman. She treats me like I’m an idiot because I use a Snappi instead of diaper pins, and a “new-fangled” diaper cover instead of rubber pants. Anyway, she said it was what I thought it was, a blocked tear-duct. There’s nothing you can do about it, and the ophthalmologist doesn’t even care about it until they’re over a year old. So, that was good.

I’ve decided to start my diet (well, not exactly diet, since I’m breastfeeding, but just eating very healthy) once we get to California. Like, the day after we get there. For some reason it’s a lot easier there. I can’t wait to grill all the time. I’m thinking about starting to make a lot of things from scratch, like bread and ice cream. And veggie burgers, especially veggie burgers, actually. I’m certain I can make them better than what you buy in the store, and it would be a lot cheaper.

I want to start learning about genetics. I think it’s so extremely interesting. I need to go to a school where I can create a major that combines nutrition with genetics and child development. And then I need to figure out exactly what to do with that. Hmmm. Must ponder. If anyone knows of a great book on genetics, let me know.

So, I haven’t told anyone about this blog yet. I don’t know if I will or not.

I got an idea tonight to start a business doing crafts with kids at birthday parties. I have a few good ideas. I think it would be a lot of fun. But we’ll have to wait and see where that takes us.

Alright, 1:43 is late enough to go to bed! Good night.

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Veggie Burgers, hooray!

So I have three packages of veggie burgers in the freezer that I need to finish before we move, so I had two for dinner tonight. They were super delicious! I cooked them in a skillet, and put a bunch of chili powder on both sides. I fired up some onions while that was cooking. Then I put a fat piece of colby jack cheese. I put mayo, dijon mustard, and a tiny bit of ketchup on the bun. But the burgers, then some baby spinach, then the onions. They were soo good. I wish I took a picture.

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fatal apple

I just realized last night that my favorite name can most definitely honor something! Scarlett would perfectly honor the story of how my grandparents met. It’s a long story that I’ll tell later, but it involves red nail polish. SO! Since that is my favorite story ever, and I love my grandparents to pieces, I think Scarlett is my front runner! I do so love Scarlett. I just can’t decide if I prefer Scarlett or Mary Scarlett. Try saying Mary Scarlett, it’s fun to say! I could say it all day long. I love Mary Scarlett Rosalie or Scarlett Amity Faye. Amity would honor both of Chris’ grandmothers (one named Ruth, other middle name Ruth, which means friend). I love them both, can’t decide. And how cute would sisters Scarlett and Clementine be? With Dashiell? Perfection. Now I just need to find some boys names I love.

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I’m wondering what would be a good nickname for Clementine? I don’t like Clem or Clemmy, because they remind me of clam chowder and clammy hands. I don’t like either of those. I do love clementines (the fruit) and think the meaning, “mercy”, is lovely. I think I would nickname her Minty, I’ve always liked the idea of that as a nickname for Araminta, but don’t really love the name Araminta.  I think Clementine would be a sweet nod to my Orange County roots, even though clementines are from Spain, citrus is citrus. So, on to combos:

Clementine Lucretia Ann

Clementine Lucretia Belle

Clementine Lucretia Pearl

Clementine Eleanora Rose

Clementine Eleanora Belle

Clementine Eleanora Mabel

Clementine Katherine Belle

Clementine Katherine Elaine

Clementine Katherine Elaina

Clementine Elizabeth Belle

Clementine Elizabeth Ann

Clementine Elizabeth Rose

Clementine Dinah Belle

Clementine Belle ___

Clementine Mabel ___

Hmm, not falling in love with anything.

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Like an ice pick to the brain

I was in bed nearly all day today. I had this headache where every time I stood up or took a step or really moved my head at all, I had a super sharp pain in my right temple. I found out these may be Ice Pick Headaches (named such because it feels like you’re being stabbed in the head with an ice pick, yep)

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I’m an artist?

I’ve been on the search for cool things to put in Dash’s room. I wanted to make a mini art gallery on one wall, with famous/great works of art. Well, turns out that even POSTERS are expensive, particularly when you intend to buy 20 of them. Plus, it’s so hard to choose, and then many of the things I like are slightly inappropriate for a little one (such as most of Lichtenstien’s work). So, I’ve decided that I’m going to do it myself. I  can make colorful paintings, and photo collages and really anything I want. I have some ideas already, and I think it’ll end up looking really quite nice. And this way I can personalize it to what catches his attention, as well as what I like. So, I’ve always been crafty, but now I’ll be making a gallery. Intimidating when I put it that way, but I think it will be fine. I won’t be getting started until I get to California, but once I get a piece done, I’ll post it here. 🙂

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